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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Request which i cant deny!

All evidence suggests that the world has no logic or reason :) !!! One of my close friends and a fellow blogger, moved her blog from Blogspot to wordpress. All that is fine.

But y on earth would she delete the old blog, even b4 she established a permenant residence somewhere else beats me. But talking logic is something that never works with gals ;)! Well atleast it never worked for me :)! (Rarely does she give me instances where i can pull her leg, so i shalt make the most of this space for that :))

Interestingly Someone else have taken her blog with the exact same address and now confusion reigning in everywhere. Well given the fact that she was being targeted by some mischief mongerers, she has every reason to be afraid if her name might b misused. Well i dont know if there is an another smyta, then she really has stepped onto the sites of an amazing blogger. All the best for her too.

So as per her request. I am posting her new location here. If any1 actually do go to her site from mine (which is never gonna happen ;)), use this id: Smyta !

Smyta, mission accomplished!

Friday, May 26, 2006

One less thing to dream abt!!!

There r some dreams which u think r a bit far fetched even for a dream. Well one such thing of mine just came true, without me doing a thing! Sometimes i just believe, things when left to themselves turn out much better than tryin to grab at them.

Well I have never seen a 21m Radio Telescope b4 let alone control one. So recently when my research team drove to the remote corners of a Kentucky univ, found that they have a 21m dish and as fate would have it, i was given a chance to move arnd thing like a giant wheel.

Exhillarating is one word i would use...pure thrill. It was moving at a velocity of 3m/sec and has the directional ability of 0.006 degrees in L frequency band. Dont take my word for r the pics...


Saturday, May 06, 2006


AAAh....finally my second semester is over and kind of cooling off my heels within the airconditioned confines of my home! Wat a feeling to be free again with all the time to spend and nothing to do!!! :) !!! the last time i felt this was when i completed my project at Wipro and had 2 months to kill....Getting paid holiday in office is bliss!!! ;)

But as usual, things r still very unsure on wat i might exactly do during this time, but i just hope that i do somethin more productive than the past winter :)!!!

Living it up lexington, As of now!:)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Numero Uno!!

Well i guess i have touched the physcological milestone of 1 year on april 17th, 2006! Being a lazy me...i couldnt even recognize that with a post :) !!!

I am not a big numbers fan, but one is a small number !!! :) Forgive my PJ, but It has been quite a nice ride...!!! I have met many people here who have in turn become good friends of mine...!!!

some of them being :

1. Smyta..numero uno

2. ektz...

3. tatooines...even though she isnt there now

These ppl were the only regular visitors dropping comments, hence i recognize them here for their patience ( i know it must have taken a lot to read thru my posts :) ) A special mention is due to all those anonymous readers who refuse to put down their comments but nevertheless read my posts!!! Kudos to u guys!!! :)

P:S: This is a time to thank all the people who have left their comments on my site, a note of "DAnke!" from my end!!! over n Out!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Wat is happening to my country? Inspite of me being abroad to what is close to a year, i still read 3 Indian newspapers almost daily and keep track of what is happening in my country!

But 2 news of late have really caused lots of pain to read. They are as follows!!!!

1. Simran campaigns for AIADMK...and record crowd turns out to watch that

Well I dont find fault in Simran all of a sudden turning patriotic or so as to speak join the forces to lead the country into the next century. Its her Fundamental right, she has the money, the popularity, she can do watso ever she pleases. But is really really shocking is the sheer number of people who have come all the way to see her utter something in her TANGLISH tat cast ur votes for "Irratai Illai". I mean WTF? She can be beautiful, but so F***kin wat? I cant imagine standing all day long to get a glimse of a person, who needs their support to become victorious. I mean she isnt a nobel laurette or something. No offense to simran, but come on guys? Standing in chair for hours together so that she can speak for 3 mins?

If god gave me a wish, I would surely ask for the people to get over their adulation for the stars!!!! They are as screwed up as everyone else.

P:s: But what encouraged me was that the Rediff site which covered this issue had asked some of them, will u vote for Amma and their answer was, well we have already decided whom to vote for!!! WE just came to see simran! Well tats a good sign, they know the value of their votes. Politicians cheat us and so we can cheat them once in a while too? ;)

2. Death of Dr.Rajkumar and Violence that followed it

Dr.Rajkumar was a great person, I speak no ill of the dead. But instead of praying for his soul to rest in peace, what ensued shows us that we r never really going anywhwere!!!. Well he could be GOD even, But that doesnt give any1 the right to damage the public property or go on a killing spree.

I understand kannadiga's sense of loss, but is he greater than the state itself? that it gives the mob the right to riot and destroy govt property? Well if he was indeed great and he had a positive influence on people(like some ppl comment on chat forums), then that would have caused the people to restrain themselves from this violence. Well I dont know if Dr.Rajkumar had been alive, he wouldve been really pained to see this happen, tats for sure! Even he wouldnt have liked giving somebody else's life just to see his cremation.

Well a similar incident happened Tamil Nadu in 1980s when Anna died and 100s of people r believed to be killed trying to attend his funeral. Well looks like things havent changed much for 20 years.

I do remember during the days of kidnapping of Dr.Rajkumar by veerappan, i was doing my training in DRDO, Banglr. I used to literally be petrified searching for houses. I was scared wat if I get killed for speaking in Tamil. Such was the fear that I never ventured out for a week till he was found safe and sound. Incidentally, it also happened that I was in Lalbagh Express train when veerappan kidnapped some MLA...nagappa or some1. The moment we landed on Bangalore, things bcame awfully quiet. Imagine landing on a place for the first time and there is riot! I cant possibily let such a thing happen to any1, not even to my enemy.

No matter how much the literacy of a country increase, no matter how many IT cos r set up in Bangalore. People will remain the same. Mob mentality is dangerous!!!!

Moral of the news story:

Both the points indicate just one thing.... "U can never underestimate power of fools in large numbers"

But we will grow out of it, we surely will. But will take some time, probability of such a thing happening during my lifetime is low, BUT i have hope!!!


Friday, March 31, 2006


Well had been a tough time for a while. After my spring break, things have started to be on a roll and had loads of work to complete, pack off and all tat! Actually that didnt stop me from blogging, but the motivation to blog was missing, till the point i came across this from Smyta's blog Smyta's blog , which literally made me feel something real strong abt bloging again.

Well first of all language is a medium of communication. Tats wat it was when i looked it up last time in wikipedia. The real point of the excercise is to get ur point of view to the other person listening/readin. So it doesnt matter if the english ur speaking is a classical Wren and Martin prescribed, grammatically correct english.

The English (people) have a perfect word for this kind of nit-picking with the grammer 'The purists' (yes i know i dont know where to put the quotation marks in the sentence, but i dont care.

When i read thru the lessons annoyed me was some of the corrections they make is absurd. Usage of term 'cousin-brother','cousin-sister', 'co-brother','co-sister' is incorrect coz in actual english they dont exist.First of all there is no such thing as the perfect "English"... if everybody starts to talk like that, then it has to b "Thou shalt not" kind or shakespherean tongue. I mean just bcause of the british way of life doesnt think beyond parents and bros and sis, doesnt mean a country like india, where there is joint family of 3 generations cant coin a term for some relationships.

The beauty of the language is that, it keeps adapting itself. Americans add new terms to the language daily and noone has the guts to tell them that they speak poor english. In official communication, u can find terms that dont make sense. "I dont want nomore discussions on this topic". But if u tell them this fact, they acknowledge u and inform u readily that, here we speak "Americanized English". And they r proud of it.

I read somewhere that the future of english depends on what India and china speak. With 2 billion people in the world, we darn have the right to speak the way we want to atleast in India or in china. Please if u have any problems with the way we speak, then as they say in kannada "solpa adjust maadi" (kindly adjust)!

Indians r this way and damn proud of it...!! And yeah b4 saying plz speak the way the brits do, i would like to suggest try advocating them that 'plz speak the way we do". Would they accept changing their tongue to suit our needs? nopes,coz they have spoken like that for years and ditto for us as well. !

If u cant speak a language the way the monarchists of 19th century spoke, then that doesnt make me a fool or any1 else for tat matter. Jingoistic, no doubt, but i love speaking Hinglish or Inglish.

(As always, Disclaimer ;)) P:S: I have nothing against smyta or any1 who wants to correct us of our hrr..english! No hard feelings bros and sis!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Break!!!

Well, For all the puja holidays and the Diwali holidays i have missed by being in US, they have compensated by giving me an entire week off for Spring Break!

I guess the tradition here is to hit the beaches (Florida, mostly) and party up! All tat wasnt in store for me(may b some other time), but i do have some plans of my OWN!

Past week went to Tennessee for a glimpse of some beautifully dull (wat an oxymoron :)) Ruby caves which has got some underground waterfalls or something. And some other trips.And also experienced an IMAX movie of african safari as well.

The above pic is a place called Rock city where u can see 7 states from that point. Was a pretty nice spot and a great weather attributed some good fun as well. and below is a view of a colony from the top of the mountain.

As much as these things look impressive, they all look very artificial. I kind of miss the untouched green tops of Pune.There is beauty everywhere, but some are just more mind-blowing than others! And sahyadris is one among them!